Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Silent Contempt

Slammed shut and a lifetime of contentment to be found. Silent contempt with screams of black and white. Nothing in color, certainly not now, but the rainbow is around the corner with luxurious gifts promised. There will no longer be pity or sorrow for there is no one there to hear it. The year will come and go as do all the rest but this time it will hold with it the knowledge of possibility. The possibility to love and to know what is in ones soul. But not just to know but to truly feel it and taste it. It is there.

While others bask in their own worries, we are awakened to the reality that we are alone in our sorrow and glory. In the end it is only me. And ..... that's not really that sad. :)


Anonymous said...

"In the end its only me, and thats really not that sad." That would be a good chorus. Lyric robbery rd. 2 in effect :D

Blog Lama said...

:) Go for it! BUT if you get famous like Mick Jagger... I want to see some of that MONEY. ;)