Thursday, January 05, 2006


My favorite sentences start with AND. As a writer and student who writes approximately 5-10 papers a month I know that it is not an appropriate word to begin sentences with. You know what though? This is the BLOG LAMA'S blog and I suppose I can be as incorrect and unconventional as I so desire. Hey, in the real world, we have to watch our backs and maintain conservative appearances. In this world, I am ME. :p

So here is a AND rant....

And you stood in the dead of winter among the decayed leaves.
And above your head the moon washed over you like an all encompassing heaven.
And all I could hear was the feverish pulsing in my head.
And you looked at me and shrugged with a crease on your brow.
And it was then that I understood that even running through the thickets, all bloodied and bruised, I would never find the path to you.

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JK said...

thanks for your opinion, I read the And-starting sentences of yours,and they were nice!
you know Farsi! How come?