Wednesday, January 25, 2006


With her red shoes on and oh so dangerous three zipper mini she momentarily owns the sidewalk. Shimmering, glittering and moving to her own beat. Everybody stares and some with disdain. They can't understand her style. Amazing how some adore while others scorn but that is the way of the world. But she knows herself well and never fakes it, which sets her apart from the others. Hair flowing high as the wind hits her hard and sends her skirt flying up towards the sky. With a roaring laughter and a nonchalance for all the chuckles made at her expense, she quickly holds her skirt down. And because she is lost in laughter she trips in her ghetto gold high heel that she bought just for a random sunny day and because it was something she would never naturally wear. Tripping in a crevice --she is not embarassed because this is who she is. She is a klutz, a walking disaster, sometimes kooky but always laughing at her flaws and walking it off. Fabulous. Simply fabulous.

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