Thursday, January 19, 2006

Midsummer's Night

It's a scent, a feeling, an emotion, a shiver down my spine. It is so powerful that even on a midwinter's night, I can feel it's warmth and presence. It keeps the harsh winds of January away from my soul and wraps me tightly in robes of silk. It is nostalgia as everpresent as the beating of my heart and it walks me through life day after day. We are one and we can change our pasts through the memory that we posses. A midsummer's night taught me that once as I reached for the stars, running through a corn field. Laughing, screaming and whirling like a dervish in sheer ecstasy. It was a midsummer's night that my memory has carved to perfection. Perhaps in that moment it wasn't as it seems to me now but it was real even if it was short lived. We were the night and we became alive in the darkness and unclarity. Those were the moments of obscurity in which our madness and uproar carried us to a place of nonchalance and stillness. It was all those things and yet none at all! We were but we weren't. We are but we never actually were. This is the way the mind forgets but also the way that it has the opportunity to remember.


Anonymous said...

I like the Whirling Dervish part. I would like to be one. As a wee lad, I used to spin, and spin, and spin, in my living room, but I always used to get real dizzy. Fascinating.

Actorserf said...

Just wanted to stop by and thank you for the comment. Really like the little snippets that you write too...the repetition at the beginnings of the phrases really work for me. Best wishes, and see you around :)

Anonymous said...

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