Wednesday, August 31, 2005

And the President just flew on by...

Hurricane Katrina has been the cause of an absolute catastrophe. The people of New Orleans are suffering and dying. Our President decided to cut his month long vacation just a tad bit shorter. We are a super power. A nation who is willing to pour millions into waging wars and shedding blood. A nation who has used the power of the "us" vs. "them" mentality in order to breed more hatred in this tainted world. We are incapable of even helping our own people! I sit here and watch the news as the residents of New Orleans are interviewed. I am appalled by what I see. Pregnant women, cancer patients, injured civilians and hungry children. Americans are now experiencing what millions of others experience on a daily basis. There is no water, no food, no help in site.

Amazing. You people voted for this man. This man sat around and sent your sons to die in a war that had nothing to do with 9/11. This man sat in the comfort of his own home, knowing full well that nobody will ever touch or harm his own family. This man flew right by your ravaged city and then casually walked off his plane embracing his little dog.

You people voted for him and now you see how much he loves you.

Anti-War protests will be on September 23-26th. I will see you there. I want positive results from globalization. I want to see an end to poverty as the World Bank claims with their slogan, "Our dream is a world free of poverty". I want us as a super power to put an end to doxa and the politics of naming in order to realize that a nation should be bold and competitive but also show compassion. Let's show them that we are not all sheep. Let us not be afraid to yell out loud. We are not hippies or morons. We are very educated and opionated (and we know you are afraid of that).

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do you have more info on the protests?

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