Saturday, August 20, 2005

Caveat Emptor

DISCLAIMER: I am no relationship guru. Most of the notions that I have about men and women come from years of watching, listening and learning from the many profoundly intelligent individuals before me. To sum it up -- relationships, love and life are nothing like your favorite romantic comedy. In fact, they are more like those apocalyptic doomsday movies. The world is coming to an end and you are racing against time with one chance in a million to change certain death. :)

And on a seemingly random note (but not really if you learn to connect the dots) --Yes. I am opionated. Yes. I will break down your argument if there is a flaw. No. I will not feel bad when your entire world is unraveled because I believe that I have freed you from a lifetime of delusion. Yes. You will loathe me. You will loathe me but you will also appreciate the time I have devoted to helping you find yourself. Harsh? You haven't seen harsh my sweet dumpling.

Convinced yet? Didn't think so. The truth is that this is my nature. This is who I am. Most men take a look at the caveat emptor sign and run screaming. Maybe because they have realized that there is no way to buy something (many have tried and many more will fail) that will never be for sale. Something that will never be polished and put on the mantle right alongside the bowling trophies and tenth place ribbons. No, I don't want a pedestal. I'm confident but never cocky. Equal footing would be the ideal. Balance and equality with a dash of kindness. Is that too much to ask???

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Anonymous said...

You are right I probably couldn't take on a woman like you. Blondes are easier to deal with, I'm guessing you aren't a blonde.