Thursday, August 18, 2005

Move over Don Juan, here comes Casanova!

Oh the beauty of marriage! Planning the perfect wedding with a gorgeous Cinderella dress and a five tier cake. The magic of saying "I do" and feeling tears well up in your eyes. The dancing, the cameras, the attention! Who wouldn't want to get married when all eyes are on you!

Thinking, "OHHHH, he loves me! This is FOREVER!"

But as quickly as the day comes it fades away. The next day you are left with wilting flowers, crusty cake and sore feet. Further, you roll over to see the hunk of your dreams with drool on his pillow, snoring the Moonlight Sonata. Ah yes ladies and gentlemen! MARRIAGE HAS BEGUN!

There is no more alone time, silence or independence. You are no longer considered an individual. YAY. For most of you this is probably not an issue because you were never much of an individual anyway and were simply looking for someone to make you happy since you can't be happy alone. Kudos to you for finding a new daddy or mommy.

Ok sure marriage can have its positive aspects as well. Tax cuts, companionship and uhh... yea that's about it! And now comes my "marriage proposal":

Forever is a long time. Most of us cannot even appreciate the value of such a long term notion. So how about redefining forever? Forever can now be ten years. I propose that I swap Don Juan for Casanova right at the ten year mark. Ten years gives enough time to really get to know another person (as well as learn more about ourselves) and complete an ideal financial atmosphere. Upon reaching these goals we can be more comfortable moving on to bigger and better things! And every ten years, once we are adequately bored, we can turn in the used car for the new model.

This new age form of marriage will alleviate a lifetime of boredom and will help reshape a society where divorce (although running rampant) is no longer seen as a bad thing. :-)

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Anonymous said...

You are sexy, blog lama. Like the llamas I have at home in Peru. Oh how I long for the day when my llama and your llama become one, oh holy one. I'll be your spanish armada, my quesadilla. I'd like to roll you up in dough and pour hot hot guacomole on your toe.

oh and by the way, I like your post.