Thursday, August 25, 2005

I'll sumo wrestle you for that NSync cd!

My sister listens to singers like Britney Spears and Backstreet Boys. I have never enjoyed pop music. Sure some songs have a catchy beat and the words will stay in your brain longer than the names of several of your college professors. I on the other hand feel as though pop culture promotes sappy, dependent and whiny females. Of course this is only one result of the culture that brings you such lyrics as "Hit me baby one more time". What exactly are these images and lyrics doing to the young girls of today?

Certainly teenagers are like sponges ready to absorb any new idea that comes along and because of that; various genres of music will beget unique responses. However, the topic of this post is POP culture and girly girls. :-)

In the Britney Spears videos you see a whiny little girl talking about boys. She always dresses in skimpy outfits and sometimes she is nearly naked. In fact, the only reason this singer ever became popular is because she dressed up in sexy school clothes and appealed to the imagination of perverts and little girls who wanted ideas on how to attract the opposite sex. Unfortunately, the message that Britney and many others give to girls is that guys will like you if you bat your cute eyes and always dress skanky.

Girls also have a false notion of love and marriage. These images of the biggest goal in a womans life being marriage have been constantly shoved in their faces. I am always hearing girls/women speak about their ideal marriage and their false notions of love. Love is usually measured by material possessions bought by your significant other. These girls/women do not realize that a big engagement ring or a dozen flowers each month are not how love should be measured. But how are they supposed to know any different? Everywhere they look there are images of gorgeous women flaunting their bodies in order to gain and sustain a man. But sometimes their efforts are in vain and in these music videos you see the guy cheating on the girl and her sitting their crying while the guy is out having fun. Boo HOO! Go get an education and kick the guy to the curb!

The problem here is that girls/women have degraded themselves without even realizing it. The feminist movement in this country went one step too far and created individuals like Britney and Christina who use their bodies to sell albums. I'm not critical of a woman who makes her money in the entertainment industry but what I am critical of us those women who further perpetuate the image of a woman as weaker mentally (and who cares right?) but with one fine ass! Freedom does not mean shaking your naked breasts in front of a bunch of loser guys who have the audacity to give you plastic beads as a reward. Disgusting.

I say have a fine ass but also use that brain of yours. And I could continue...forever really but hey it's only a blog not a thesis paper.


Anonymous said...

My dawg is right. Come on in to the situation room with me to discus. See what we want is not exactly what is right; hormones take over, and set the default to sex instead of actually using the mind to think with. We take energy which needs, and has to be positive into negative wasteful energy. I say tighten up, and stop being a ho bag in training to all those females wanting to get noticed.

Blog Lama said...

Dawg? I'm not sure exactly what you said right there "dawg" but I guess you understood my post. LOL.

Mabumba, Queen of the Amazon said...

well Nick Carter is sexxy.

and Justin Timberlake has a sexxy bod.

and I would beat you ANYDAY at sumo wrestling.

now. let's all listen to Metallica and slit our wrists..

ooh man I'm goin to get a beat down for that one...

at least Nsync and BSB make you feel good about yourself...

"I don't have a fancy car, to get to you, I'd walk a thousand miles, my love is all I have to give." --BSB. A fine example that pop music is a love poem, where did that promote materialism?

sure Britney Spears is gross...but she is not the definition of pop music. When one had a bad day, the best way to forget about the day is to go home, pop in an Nsync CD, and dance.

With words such as, "I am down on my knees, I can't take it anymore!" that actually portrays a man, for once, begging for a woman to come back to him, putting the woman in control.

While some pop icons such as Britney Spears degrade the music, when one looks at all of the bands of that type of music, you get a whole different idea.


aparna's man said...

well u and mabumba queen of the amazon are right in different ways. britney spears is disgusting and does give the wrong reason in her videos. but not all pop is like that. i think u should just put women in the music business in general. yeah but u do have a point. as does mabumba fatty of the amazon. anyway i like you bye.