Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Asinine men and the dense women who love them

What is the appeal of a man who treats his girlfriend and her friends as though they are less than him?

Self Esteem.
It all comes back to a lack of self esteem.
I've known many beautiful, intelligent women who have fallen prey to "the idiots". They don't think highly of themselves and therefore when a man comes along who shows any interest at all ---- they are at once bewitched at the attention received. It's all flowers and candies at first but when the guy realizes that he has found a new puppy dog to follow him around, he quickly realizes that he need not do much more in order to keep her on a leash. Furthermore, the woman is so smitten with the guy that she chooses to ignore his callous attitude towards her friends. In the mans mind there is no need to be friendly with her friends because his aim is to alienate the already drooling and dependent animal at his ankle. Friends? I'm the only friend she needs!

The blame here is entirely on the woman. In order to be respected one must show a little decency and a whole lot of dignity in herself.

Therefore my little panting peaches -- if I have described you above --please do not invite me to hang out with your boyfriends because I do not consort with bluthering idiots or lap dogs. :)

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Caro said...

Oh, you crazy Llama.
You need to have something to do, like my homework. I happen to agree with this train of thought which is why I am posting to this statement. Also so it boosts your little ratings and you don't look so sad with 0 comments :-) love u!
Deuce-Deuce... yeah