Thursday, September 08, 2005

Oh the irony!

I have a sort of ritual each night before I enter the depths of slumber. I light candles, meditate, stretch, turn on my electric water fountain (the irony in manmade nature!) and pray for various things. Usually my prayers are to help others but especially help others to not deceive themselves. This is somewhat of a new habit that has been formed since now I see that we are self absorbed creatures who lash out at others because we are unhappy. Unhappiness seeps through our mental filters and is apparent in our interactions with one another. However, it is not always something that we see readily. When someone yells at me for no visible reason, I tend to get angry and the situation rises steadily until it blows out of proportion.

There is no reason for this.
Technology has brought forth with it a plethora of opportunities in advancement but has also brought with it the decay of human communication. We are all safe behind our computers and can distribute filth as we see fit. Our ability to properly communicate with one another is slowly eroding and we must be careful that it does not go too far. This is a road to desensitization where we no longer feel sympathy for one another and we are no longer able to properly express our emotions. Therefore, when we are angered by one another we can let such anger fester or write about it on an online chat forum. But since our means of communication are declining, so are our tactics of diffusing anger.

Anger is a habit. We establish these traits after years of responding to painful stimuli in a certain way. It's also about perspective. If we learn to be defensive at all times, we will also start to believe that everyone is out to get us and thus that everyone is constantly speaking ill of us. It may or may not be true that the girl in the corner is giving us a nasty look but the real question is....who cares either way? This is where my prayers come in handy! If the girl in the corner is giving me a nasty look, it could be for a variety of reasons (jealousy, anger, etc.) but if I pray that she will learn to love herself and not be angry or jealous, I am in essence deflecting any negative karma that I may have for lashing out on her for no just cause.

Now, let's pause a second. This is Blog Lama's moment of truth where she states the obvious. LACK OF PERFECTION. None of us are perfect and clearly I have been known to lash out. This is not the best of all possible worlds according to Leibniz (a philosopher). In fact, just the other day I was infused with anger when I was disrespected. However, the main issue was not just the words but the manner in which the man approached me and invaded my personal space. Nowadays, a woman needs to make her limitations quite clear and never allow anyone to disrespect her because unfortunately being caught off guard could end disfavorably for her.

The moral of the story here is that we need to work on our communication skills as individuals and well...even as a nation! Lack of and ill communication have been the founding fathers of world conflicts. So from a very small scale, we should all work on ourselves and steer clear of bitterness and admonition. And hey, I'm no Dalai Lama --- go read one of his books and figure out how to simmer down. ;-)

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