Thursday, December 15, 2005


And a week went by with a bittersweet taste.
Tumultuous serenity.
The mind never forgets but loses sight.

Rain storms in the summer are refreshing but cursed in the winter.

And so the week went by in vertigo. Vertigo and an aching for simpler times when we trumpeted happiness from the rooftops. There was no one to impress and we didn't care who was offended by our joy. Happiness found in late night pillow talk and dances in the rain. We were there.

I remember. There was momentum and speeds only imitated by large machines. But eventually the pendulum must stabilize and come to a halt. Our bodies and souls are not built for such intensity.
So moments of sheer bliss unhindered by the world were dissolved as is the cold when spring is so near.


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