Monday, November 07, 2005

Free to be...

Free to be.

The obsession with freedom is among us. We bathe in our pathetic meanderings with one main develop independent thought, to create a meaningful existence. Billions of lives and we take our own so seriously. We are not original. All humans grapple with the notion of significance in their otherwise bleak lives. Don't confuse me. I am not Camus, Sartre or any other existentialist that comes to mind. I do not think that the existentialist dilemma should be so dreary and absolute. Perhaps my point here is that our emotions are not original as much as we want them to be. We all suffer and we all get lost along the way. Some of us are able to fool ourselves better than others. Believing in fantasies and mystical entities to hold our hands through this amazing thing called life. Certainly, there is nothing wrong with a guide to show us the path of virtue or at least the path that suits us best. As humans we have an outstanding grasp of resilience under pressure but what we need to be given is hope. Hope is the light at the end of the tunnel that pulls us out of all miseries and gives adequate strength to rise up yet again.

Should this hope be external or is it found within? Aye there's the rub! Relying on external modes of support can be deceiving for they appear in an alarmingly fast pace and disperse just as quickly. Our support should lie within and in the power of the divine within us. Yes, the divine within. For what are we if we do not have a little divinity in our fragile frames?

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