Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Beyond the realm of mankind


We all have them. We depend on a future that has been created in our minds. Our hopes and dreams do not lie in this very moment, this moment when we are alive and animated. As my fingertips pound this keyboard and create words, I am exerting energy. An energy that has been bestowed upon me in order to live and to be. I am here. I hear the alluring sirens of the other realm beckoning me under candlelight, where mysteries are formed. In this moment, I realize that no plan that I have for a year from now or even tomorrow morning matter. When the giver of life decides that it is time for the vital spark of heavenly flame to be extinguished, then it shall be so. I will have to give up all that I am and have the potential to become.

In this dead of night, with the mystical sounds of Axiom of Choice floating in the air.....
In this moment caught in red, heat all around and an intoxicating scent.....
Abroad, next door and in another world, someone is in harmony with me.
Our energy waves have crossed paths and briefly we shared a moment of serenity and a sense of oneness.

This is what peace is made of. As boundaries deteriorate in a globalized world--- so do mental barriers. We are one, you and I. One in melancholy and in woe. One in happiness and in joy.

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