Tuesday, April 22, 2008


Everyone wears a mask. Masks are just like clothing and are distinguished based on the occasion that one is preparing for. It's so much easier to hide behind a mask rather than face the truth about yourself; you are naked and alone. Life's problems deflect off of your mask. Now, let's discuss a few masks that I have seen floating around.

1) The virgin mask. You like to trump your purity to the world and you will defend it to the end. You always smile and giggle. You want everyone to know that you are little miss perfect. Nothing scathes you and nothing can disturb your perfect calm. However, you are jaded and you are bitter. There is a part of you that is vindictive and you attribute it to wanting to be the best. The truth is that you are vicious and love flaunting yourself to your peers so as to lift your shattered self esteem and to make others around you uncomfortable with themselves. Shame!

2) The ruthless bitch mask. You are more obvious about your intentions. You love competition and you thrive on being better than others. You loathe anyone who comes close to your level of success and will do whatever you can to bad mouth them. The technique most often utilized is that of ruthlessly pitting people against one another. You do the dirty work in private but let others take the blame. You would be great in politics because all you care about is yourself and will stomp anyone who gets in your way.

3) The Don Juan mask. You think you are the hottest person alive. You hit on others in a sly manner, which consists of put downs and praise. You are a walking oxymoron. You don't even know who you are but you are willing to be whoever you have to be in order to "get some". But even when you do, you are only temporarily satisfied. You want everyone to look at you as a slick person with good fashion and looks. The goal is to create a facade because you are unable to figure out what you want to get out of your life that is based on the expressions and views others have of you. The hard part for you is letting go of the idea that you are not gorgeous or hot and that you indeed have no personality. Get over it!

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