Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Goody Goody's

I'm tired of smiling and acting as though the worthless and boring comments by certain individuals are worth my time. I am a person that ponders deeper things while these people are worried about being five seconds late to class. It reaches a point of absurdity when the main topic of conversation is the fear of appearing less virginal if one chooses to kiss "a boy" or hold hands. Aren't we all in our twenties now? We are no longer giggling teenagers.

Further, why act all holier than thou anyway? Who are you trying to satisfy? Clearly you are lacking in character or in substance and that is why you must fill your head with worry of what these other idiots think of you. Ridiculous! Get over it.

Finally, I have never been an advocate for organized religion. I don't have a problem with it as I do pick and choose important practices from different texts and traditions. Practice it if you wish but keep your mind open. It's worthless when you start comparing your God to my God to his God. It's a form of supremacy. Human beings are extremely flawed and we always want to try to put ourselves up on some sort of pedestal. Why can't we admit that all of these religions are created to ease our pain in this life and to ensure our morality? You are no better because you are Christian, Jewish, Buddhist, Muslim, etc.

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