Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Test your GAY-dar

Picture this:

Dupont Circle (which is a location in Washington DC where there is a predominant homosexual population)
Little maroon colored car with leopard dice hanging from the rear view mirror.
On the back of the car there is a black GODDESS license plate cover.
Windows down and Nsync's old song "byebyebye" blaring.
The driver?

A gorgeous middle eastern man. Well groomed and a sheik fashion sense. Killer smile. Buns of steel.
What would you think if you saw this scene?

The truth is, most of us would immediately think he was homosexual. In this society that we are living in, the gender lines have often been skewed or blurred. The term metrosexual is prevalent and there are many who think it's cool to be "bisexual". Indeed, the manly man and girly girl notions are being heavily put to the test.

However, if you thought our specimen above was gay......You were 100% wrong. Well groomed he is, sexy smile he has and buns of steel --he's got it all! ;-)
That car belongs to his girlfriend and he was driving it with her as a passenger. The passenger was the GODDESS and the passenger put the Nsync cd in and turned it up. Haha. Now you may be wondering what the whole point of this was....the point was that we shouldn't jump to conclusions.

I thought it was amusing myself when I viewed the scene and thought that from an outside perspective (as 15 gay men were walking by hand in hand) that there would be no questioning the sexuality of the driver. Perhaps we are told what men should be like and if you don't fit into that "mold" then you are obviously gay. It's funny how if a woman likes cars or construction, no one assumes that she is a lesbian. Hmmm, how does THAT work?! Oh I forgot, it's because men don't mind the thought of women sleeping together but to be gay....well don't even mention it!

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